The Biomechanically Efficient Swing Technique
"So simple it's almost automatic!"
The Biomechanically Efficient Swing Technique
"So Simple It's Almost Automatic!"
Discover the world's only
Biomechanically Efficient Swing at
GolfCode360 Studios in Southern California
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GolfCode360 Reveals What Club Pros DON'T Know!
GolfCode360 Reveals What Club Pros DON'T Know!
Secret #1: Does It Take Years To Become Good At Golf?
Secret #2: Are We Really Built
Secret #3: Can Normal Golfers Achieve Elite Performance?
There is a way to achieve your golf goals, and you can do it in MONTHS, not years!
You can harness the muscle groups, bone structures, and limitations present in everyone, in order to create an EFFICIENT AND REPEATABLE SWING!
A BIOMECHANICALLY EFFICIENT approach can be used by everyday golfers to achieve an Olympic Standard!
Secret #1: Does It Take Years To Become Good At Golf?
There is a way to achieve your golf goals, and you can do it in MONTHS, not years!
Secret #2: Are We Really Built
You can harness the muscle groups, bone structures, and limitations present in everyone, in order to create an EFFICIENT AND REPEATABLE SWING!
Secret #3: Can Normal Golfers Achieve Elite Performance?
A BIOMECHANICALLY EFFICIENT approach can be used by everyday golfers to achieve an Olympic Standard!
You're Not A Bad Golfer,
You've Just Been Given The Wrong Information
Here's the BIG problem: Most golf instruction and swing tips available to the public are complete garbage.
Why? The beauty of golf is tradition and legacy. Unfortunately, tradition isn’t doing golf instruction any favors. Compared to other sports, golf instruction is archaic!

No wonder golf seems so hard!

The truth is, we have spent a ton of time researching competing methods and reading golf magazines. Most of them just left me with more questions than answers.

• One Plane?
• Two Plane?
• Weak Grip? Strong?
• Coming Inside?
• Over the Top?
• What If I'm Tall?  Or Short?
• Lag?
• Release?
• Hinge and Hold?
• Natural Golf?
• Stack and Tilt?
Well, luckily for you, we have spent the last 30 years studying human movement, in order to put together a golf swing based on a biomechanically efficient movement.
You’ve 'Heard It All Before'
Have you been given bad advice on the course or driving range before? We certainly have.

We're going to show you something you’ve always been told to do, but NONE of the pros do it.

Have you ever been told that your “Chest Faces The Target On Follow-Through”?

Well, what if we told you that the chest should actually face backwards on follow-through? Chest faces backwards doesn’t even sound right, does it?

But take a look at this tour pro...
Crazy, right? It's actually the shoulder line that should be pointing towards the target at the end of the follow-through!

But why is there so much widespread misconception about the golf swing?

You see, what most instructors want you to believe is that you should swing differently, based on your body. That each of us has "our own unique swing."

Well, we hate to break it to you, but this is just flat-out incorrect...

We all have the same muscle groups...

We all have the same number of bones...

We all have the same anatomical limits...

The thing is, traditional instruction tells you that someone tall should swing different from someone short, and big should swing different than small. But the truth is, that which us makes us similar is actually our biggest asset!

In fact, there is a way to use these facts to your advantage! That's right, you can harness the muscle groups, bone structures, and limitations present in everyone, in order to create an EFFICIENT AND REPEATABLE SWING!
"This method is so revolutionary, we have 'Class A' PGA instructors come to learn what we are doing, to help their amateur golfers get to Elite golf in months, not years!"
That's a statement we do not take lightly. But as we mentioned earlier, we've thoroughly researched the industry and all competing instruction methods.

That’s right, we have the PGA book, and we can tell you definitively that it’s completely outdated.

Truth is, we've been to multitudes of other instructors, and we haven't found anything like this AT ALL.

But you don't have to take it from us...
"Your pupil won! So, it went well, I got into the top 10 net, which they then had a derby playoff... heck, I won! On the last par 3, 135 yards, stuck it within a foot to get down to 2 players, then had to repeat hole and stuck it within 12 feet par'd to tie into a chip off, which with your chipping system, I won! All that in front of 100 people and didn't choke! Thanks coach!"
- Michael Turano, Owner of Canyon Hills Animal Clinic

"Last Saturday I played a round and shot 85 with what felt like little effort. The funny thing is I was a little disappointed because I missed some putts that I don't usually miss, I should have been around 80. I believe with your help, within the next couple of months, high seventies low eighties will be my norm."
- Kary Laursen, Owner of Kimberly Machine

"I know it's been a while since I took my last lesson (I think this is how confession starts), but just wanted to let you know I shot my lowest round ever today a 75. I was super excited !!. As with any round I still think about the 4 short putts I missed that could have led to a sub par round, but for today, 75 is fantastic."
- Gary Horns

"Thank you so much for all of your help. I made varsity on my golf team (Huntington Beach High School). I just wanted to say Thanks!" - Courtney Griffith, Huntington Beach, CA

"I just hit 13 out of 14 fairways. My iron shots were like arrows. I just had to trust the swing. As a chiropractor, biomechanics are important. This is an efficient, safe swing."
- Dr. Henry Cardenas

"I don't know what you did to me but after two months of not being able to break eighty my last three rounds have been 77,77,76. All I can say is thank you and I can't wait for our next lesson."
- Robert Van Dusen

"Just had to share. After just 2 months of instruction, I shot my best round ever at Coyote Hills 88! My average scores before lessons was 120+."
- Tom Easterday, President of CRT Data, Brea

"All I can say is THANKS! I've now had two lessons with you and the first got me hitting my irons consistently and pure. The second lesson, you straightened my driver which has been hooking for the last year and half! I've been to the range 3 times since our last lesson. I am hitting the living crud out of my clubs and getting distance and accuracy that I didn't know I could get. You have a great way of explaining the golf swing and in a way that an amateur can understand. I can't wait to go to the course and see my scores go down! I'll keep you updated!"
- Steve Hamada

"I was hitting balls at Strawberry Farms in Irvine. They have a double range where people hit from both sides. I was landing balls past the 260 marker when one of the employees walked up to me and said 'Sir, you can't hit your driver anymore. You're hitting the people on the other side!'"
- Louis Baker, Author of A Total Life, Newport CA
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The Biomechanically Efficient Swing Technique
Simple. Tour-Proven.
The Biomechanically Efficient Swing Technique
The Definitive Approach to Consistent Golf
A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Golf Instruction
The Biomechanically Efficient Swing Technique is a clearly defined and proven method of performing all golf motions. It was developed with the sole purpose of developing golfers at an accelerated rate. The old idea that it takes years of study, experience and practice to become a good golfer is a limiting and incorrect idea.

In all other sports, the motion is not the controversy. However, in golf, the swing itself is a subject of discussion, but it shouldn't be. There are so many different swings on tour, but what we need to understand is that those swings are a version of an ideal swing - a Biomechanically Efficient Swing Technique.

The human body and physics have not changed, why haven't we arrived at a standard yet? Our method and procedure is slowly but surely becoming that standard. Golf will be taught, performed and analyzed the way we do it here at GolfCode360 Studio. The principles and methods we have are founded on objective scientific and medical principles, not subjective personal preferences, tradition or theories.

Our system teaches toward this perfect ideal swing. We don't have to perform it perfectly every time or at all, but when we have one clear focus point to strive for, we will always be working toward the right way rather than trying to eliminate the endless wrong ways. Eliminating wrong ways doesn't always ensure performing it the right way. Doing it the one right way automatically eliminates all the wrong ways.

Here's the bottom line: If you are looking for the definitive way to finally gain that consistency you've always wanted on the course, this is the the approach you’ve been looking for.
Simple Concepts Backed By Sports Science
Your Self-Defense Against Blatantly Wrong Golf Information
Clear Step By Step Lessons
No More Fiction
Detailed lessons, in the correct order, makes golf instruction clear, concise, and easy to follow!

No more industry jargon or made-up concepts, all instruction is based on real Biomechanical information. Your ticket to a repeatable and consistent swing!
Practice Drills & Swing Fixes
No More Guessing
Save time and frustration! Our drills and simple swing fixes means you stop wasting your time on the wrong approach, ill-fitting clubs, and useless training aids.

Spend more time playing, less time guessing! Learn faster with clear, easy to understand, take-you-by-the-hand lessons...
Skill Level Doesn't Matter!
Does Not Take Years!
To play golf well, experience is not necessary - the right information is! The GolfCode360 organized approach makes it suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

You don't have to be a tour pro or instructor to play a beautiful round of golf!

"I have been playing golf for over 25 years, with few tips I felt the change after the first lesson, I was hitting the ball more solid and with ease, I felt very betrayed from all the instructors in my past and why I had to suffer all those years with the most beautiful game."

- Said K.
Golf Channel Am Tour
2017 Nationals qualifier

"In just 2 lessons… I no longer lose shots to the right and just played and hit a couple of drives 240+"

- Val Garay
Grammy Award Winning Music Producer

"I was at a 16 handicap when I met Jay, right now I'm at a 1.2"

- Garrick Castro
Golf Channel Amateur Tour
7 time winner in 18 months
Discover Southern California's Only Facility Teaching The
Biomechanically Efficient Swing
At GolfCode360 Studio indoor golf training facility, experience Southern California's best in Golf Instruction and Swing Analysis. You will have full access to dedicated instructors, video swing analysis, and state-of-the-art indoor swing bays. Your learning experience will be second to none! Whether you're a beginner or experienced golfer, our goal is to get you playing your best golf as soon as possible.

There is a very specific route to accelerated golf performance. Experience the difference at GolfCode360 Studio indoor golf training facility.



Then move onto golf motions that support consistent contact, direction and distance.



Finally, we explore the three characteristics of the motions that make them repeat. When we know these characteristics, every swing flaw can be easily diagnosed which makes them easy to solve.

Instruction with a Full Money Back Guarantee!

We here at GolfCode360 Studio pride ourselves on giving you the best golf instruction experience possible, guaranteed. If you don't improve on your very first lesson, that lesson is FREE.
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